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The beauty of your mind is that it can take you to wonderful places full of wonder and mischief and welcoming peace. When I glaze my pots I layer color upon color to create what I see in my mind.  I create the perfect story. Each story is set in a place full of goodness. When you pick out a pot you pick out a place on a map that belongs solely to you. A safe place to fill your heart each day.

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Welcome to A Potters World!

I’m a potter in the Rochester, NY area. I have four terrific kids, a young dog and an cat that has been through 8 of his nine lives.

I have been potting for many years now. I love the whole idea of taking a lump of something and turning it into a piece both useful and beautiful. It feels like magic.

I have never done anything on the computer before so this is truly a new experience for me! As such, this blog is a work in progress and I hope it evolves into something wonderful. Come back often, leave useful comments and see how it grows!

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